4th Annual Florida Psycholinguistics Meeting

USF had the honor of hosting the 4th Annual Florida Psycholinguistics Meeting on October 13th. Psycholinguists and scholars from related fields around the state came together to share research and gain new perspectives on various topics and research techniques. Many of our undergraduates from EMaC Lab presented fabulous posters at the conference.

Anna Marie & Zoe discussed “Using Implausible Previews to Study Parafoveal Processing”, data from an upcoming manuscript.


Alex presented his poster entitled “Individual Differences In Parafoveal Preview Effects When Preview And Target Differ In Reading: An Exploration of the Reversed Preview Benefit Effect”.


Danielle, Alexis, & Julianna presented preliminary data from “How Do Individual Differences Influence Reading Efficiency?”


Jamie showcased oral reading data with her poster “Assessing Parafoveal Preview Effects Through Eye Movements and Oral Reading”.



Research and Arts Colloquium 2018

On April 19th, 2018 Caitlin, Danielle, & Richard each presented research at the USF Undergraduate Research Conference; an event annually hosted by the Office of Undergraduate Research. They gave great poster presentations!

Observed Effects of Clustering Coefficient and Neighborhood Size During Word Recognition by Caitlin Nethercoat:


How Individual Differences in Language Ability Influence Reading Efficiency by Danielle Ferrusi:


The Impact of Unexpected Stimuli in Cloze Tasks on Cloze Probability and Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) by Richard Rogers: