Primary Investigator

Dr. Liz Schotter
 I am an Assistant Professor in the Cognition, Neuroscience, and Social program in the Psychology Department at USF. I received my Ph.D. in Psychology from UCSD in 2013. I am interested in how visual perception and prior experience lead to the activation of internal representations (e.g., meanings) and execution of external actions (e.g., eye movements) when people comprehend/produce language, view objects/scenes, and make decisions. I love working with all the talented people on this page and I am proud that they have decided to join this lab!
Curriculum Vitae

Graduate Students

Sara Milligan, B.A.
I am a third-year graduate student in Cognition, Neuroscience, and Social. I got my BA in Psychology and English from USF and I am excited to return after a stint as a research assistant at the University of Colorado. I am interested in how cognitive differences between people affect perception and comprehension of language. I am also interested in studying the relationship between auditory processing of spoken language and visual processing during reading.
Andie Tibbetts, B.A.
I graduated from USF in the Summer of 2019 with a double major in Creative Writing and Applied Linguistics and am so happy to be back at USF working on a M.S in Intelligence Studies (Strategic track) after a year off doing freelance work. I’ve always been interested in the phonetics and morphology of the many languages we learn and I love practicing discourse analysis (over Reddit- where else?) in my free time. After graduation, I hope to work in the government as a crypto-linguist, applying what I’ve learned from my time here. 

Undergraduate Honors Students

Dimitri Brunelle
I am a senior pursuing a degree in psychology and am currently fulfilling the pre-requisite courses for medical school. I have always been fascinated by the cognitive and neuroscientific aspects of psychology, along with how they tie into music processing. Upon graduating, I plan on furthering my understanding of data science and neuroscience while continuing my journey to medical school.
Anna Marie Fennell
I recently graduated from USF with my BA in Psychology minoring in Linguistics and Philosophy. My honors thesis in the EMaC Lab investigates the relationship of musical training on working memory and syntactic processing. I will be attending Columbia University’s Ed.M. program in Mental Health Counseling in the fall to pursue a career as an expressive arts therapist.
Alex Sciuto
I am a fourth year student in pursuit of a double degree in Philosophy and Psychology. I am interested in both clinical science and cognitive science. I intern with a clinical psychologist to test and diagnose for ADHD, ODD, ASD, and Intellectual Disability in kids. My dream is to pursue graduate school in psychology in order to research and teach.

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Daniel Alboukrek
I am a junior majoring in Psychology and Statistics. I am eager to learn more about the cognitive and neural underpinnings of various psychological processes by being a part of the EMaC lab. I plan to pursue a graduate degree in Psychology after graduation.
Neslihan Caliskan
I am a junior at USF majoring in Psychology and minoring in Linguistics. I am highly interested in research based on language disorders and their effects on both cognition and perception. My ultimate goal is to earn a PhD in Cognitive Psychology and/or Psycholinguistics while pursuing academia and conducting my own research. I am so excited and deeply proud to be a part of the EMaC Lab!
Jillian Hansen
I am a third-year undergraduate student at USF pursuing a degree in applied linguistics and French. I am particularly interested in phonetics and phonology. After graduation, I plan to attend graduate school with the intention of earning a doctoral degree in linguistics. I am excited by the opportunities provided by the EMaC Lab, and I am eager to see how our projects progress!
Makayla Hodges 
I am a senior at USF majoring in psychology and minoring in literary studies. I am very interested in research on language and emotion involving ASD children. I hope to pursue a doctoral degree in clinical child psychology after I graduate. I am excited to be apart of the EMaC lab and learn more about linguistics.
Jade McNitt
I am a senior at USF majoring in Women and Gender Studies with a minor in Psychology. My dream is to become a licensed Psychologist. I hope to integrate holistic methods such as healthy eating, music, and yoga into my practice. My Women and Gender Studies degree has served as an asset to expand my knowledge of intersectionality. With this, I hope to better support future clients and peers. My other interests include Japanese, Linguistics, Film and Anthropology! I’m happy to be a part of such a fantastic team! 
Karina Ortiz
I am currently a third-year visiting student from Brown University who is majoring in Psychology. I am strongly drawn to the fields of Cognitive Neuroscience and Cognitive Psychology, and hope to explore these interests in the EMaC Lab at USF. Upon graduation, I hope to matriculate into a Ph.D. program that will allow me to continue conducting research in different fields of Psychology.

Melissa Pierre
I recently graduated from the University of South Florida with my BA in psychology. I am interested in clinical neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and I love learning about human cognition and conducting research in the lab. I am currently taking a gap year and will be applying to graduate school next fall to get a degree in neuropsychology.
Sam Shinde
I am a third year undergraduate student majoring in Psychology and Behavioral Healthcare with a concentration in Behavioral Health Research. I am interested in neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and how this affects our behavior. After I graduate, I intend to go to graduate school, eventually get my PhD, and continue to pursue research in the psychology field. I’m excited to work in the EMaC Lab!
Casey Stringer
I am currently in my second year at USF majoring in psychology. I am very interested in the field of Cognitive Psychology and love to learn about how the human mind works. After graduation, I hope to attend graduate school to further study psychology, and eventually pursue a career in research. I am excited to be a part of the EMaC lab!
Hannah Thomas
I am a second year student pursing a major in Psychology along with Biomedical Sciences. I am interested neuroscience and cognitive psychology. I am excited that I get to pursue my interests at the EMaC Lab and can’t wait to learn more about these topic from our research.

Lab Alumni

Graduate Students:

  • Martín Antúnez

Undergraduate Students:

  • Abigail Norris
  • Alexandra Carey
  • Alexis Wishart
  • Alyssa Thompson
  • Anne Eible
  • Caitlin Nethercoat
  • Cassandra DeGaetano
  • Courtney Clark
  • Danielle Ferusi
  • Emily Johnson
  • Hailey Stein
  • Jamie Newland: now @ University of Florida
  • Jordan Houk
  • Julianna Kirschner
  • Kaitlin White
  • Katie Pioszak
  • Marcellus Howell: now @ University of Georgia’s School Counseling program
  • Mei Sugawara
  • Rebecca Klarer
  • Richard Rogers
  • Roger Joyce-Nyak
  • Sierra Juncal
  • Tamara Kaiser
  • Vince Gyongyosi
  • Zoe Grossman


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