EMaC Lab at CUNY 2019: The 32nd Annual CUNY Conference on Human Sentence Processing


Emily and Sara presented research posters at CUNY this year at University of Colorado Boulder. Find their posters and others from the session online at https://osf.io/view/CUNY2019/

Sara’s project titled “Frequency, predictability & lexical quality effects: individual differences in reading & proofreading” showed a reanalysis (Schotter et al., 2014) seeking to elucidate the patterns of individual differences within commonly seen effects like word frequency and sentence context. She further explored individuals sensitivity to orthotactic and phonotactic patterns of the English language.


Emily’s poster entitled “Enhanced peripheral lexical processing in deaf individuals: perceptually or linguistically driven?” is a collaboration with Dr. Amy Lieberman of Boston University. She presented preliminary results from three experiments of deaf signers’ peripheral processing abilities, demonstrating a sign superiority effect, whereby deaf signers are able to utilize lexical knowledge to facilitate processing of information under difficult tasks demands (i.e. when information is briefly presented at an extreme eccentricity in the periphery).


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Eye Movements and Cognition Lab at the University of South Florida

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